The “m” technology

Well sound quite intriguing isn’t it? The fabulous technology is somehow entering to the marlet but yes it is still in scrutinizing phase. Developers are still working on it. The “m” technology is actually a product in facebook messenger that has turned out to be against siri of apple store and cortana for Microsoft.

What facebook developers have to say about it?

“As something that completes tasks and finds information on your behalf” and further they said that it’s powered by artificial intelligence that’s trained and supervised by people,”

Thus it is going to be technology that will be just like your manager. Operating things that you can’t control due to your busy life and you can call it an assistant that operates under you and listen to every command you want to give.  This application addition can carry a lot of information for you and have records for it. This data will be stored in it and you can fetch information whenever you want to. It sounds to be great challenge for applications like siri and cortana because this is somehow an application that can give them tough time.

facebook messenger

What M can do?

The latest technology is known as the virtual assistant that guides you and shares your workload. People prefer the technology which is fast and quick to respond. Especially that product which provides versatile opportunities in one single goes.

What else we came to know was that “It can purchase items, get gifts delivered to your loved ones, book restaurants, travel arrangements, appointments and way more,”. This makes a hell a lot of task for one messenger application. Well for us to say this is certainly a robot that can cover all your jobs within its capacity and you remain free. The application is a must for the one who remain busy and depend upon technology. This application actually completes your task as your own guide that will choose vita; options on your behalf and will be economical too.

This application resides in facebook messenger who has increased its market over time and yes it has become popular application to have on your mobile. The entries to new emojis and call options have increased its versatility. You can pay to your clients through it plus there are options to send anything you want to send, it can be a document, presentation or any Microsoft formatted file. The messenger can hold your personal data and account information. Keep in touch with your friends and families plus guides you to socializing. You can make several groups over facebook messenger that can help you make friends and this way you can socialize connecting to your friends, family and colleagues. The idea develops that this is one window system and with “m” in this application it makes it more intriguing and versatile. People find a lot in one single application. They look what is better and efficient. This messenger provides everything which people desire for that can be call, sending stuff like music, videos or songs and even documents. This application is best for them.



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