The New Hitachi Window AC and Videocon Split AC

The new Hitachi window AC and Videocon split have picked up a tremendous prevalence in Indian market in a short compass of time. The new developments to the ventilating items are of extraordinary interest. These presumed items are trusted as a result of their upgraded compressors and keen innovation. One can rest calmly with no sort of settings to be set. They are exceptionally dependable for clients and are likewise financial plan ventilation systems.


Reviewing Hitachi RAW318KUD Window AC

Hitachi RAW318KUD Window AC is a presumed solid and is truly worth buying. The 1.5 ton aeration and cooling system are a 3 star appraised item regarding the force utilization. The force prerequisite of substitute current is 230v, 50 Hz. Aside from these it likewise comprises of the auto – restart highlight, by which it can be restarted by the clock, being set. The Hitachi RAW318KUD Window AC is remote controlled, and can be controlled by the remote.

Hitachi RAW318KUD Window AC is a 3 star evaluated item devouring around 1650W force. 3.09 COP and 3.09 W/W EER are the rates of cooling scoop. The blades are covered with aluminum, in any case, are sturdy and composed like all other fundamental window aeration and cooling system. The window ventilation system accompanies a vitality rating of 3.09. It has an auto atmosphere, an innovation which naturally coordinates the earth. The setting empowers in getting a tranquil rest. The AC likewise has a remote controller LCD to set up the propelled settings.

Hitachi RAW318KUD Window AC is a high performing ventilation system. The force devoured is very low and the settings are progressed, which naturally breaks down intelligently with the earth and the temperature is balanced consequently. This is a client cherished the item in light of the brand estimation of Hitachi. The clients have full trust and confidence in the brand and its items.


Reviewing Videocon VSZ53.WV1-MDA Split AC

Videocon VSZ53.WV1-MDA Split AC is of 1.5 ton limit and 3 star appraised aeration and cooling systems. An aggregate force of 1680W is devoured by the item. The AC accompanies an auto restart highlight. The machine is controlled by the remote framework. The indoor measurement speaks the truth 940 cm x 300 cm x 205 cm. The open air measurement is 780 cm x 540 cm x 260 cm. The aggregate weight of the item speaks the truth 13kg.

Videocon VSZ53.WV1-MDA Split AC comprises of a blue balance evaporator. The ventured louvers help to alter the stream of air a little bit at a time. It has an aggregate limit of 1.5 tons. The best thing about the AC is that it accompanies a framework to minimize the clamor at an insignificant rate of around 35 dB. The refrigerant of about R22 is available in this A.c. The split air innovation helps in cooling in every single heading. The sound air spreads through the room. It helps you to make a bother free environment.

Videocon VSZ53.WV1-MDA Split AC is a high performing a. c. The brand is trusted in the light of its great and special innovation. The split – air innovation is adored by the buyers. The outline is exceptionally attractive and consequently all the more requesting. The clients cherish the sturdiness and that too at spending plan cost.



The new Hitachi window AC and Videocon split  are a solid and are in fact propelled ventilation systems accessible just for your home. It has been outlined, particularly for home reason that gives spotless and solid air to your family and their less commotion additionally gives an added quiet environment for your crew.


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