The new LG G4 coming soon

In this generation there are many gadgets available to us but for the most important of all is a mobile, which we use it almost every minute.A mobile is one of the best invention of the human kind.We use mobiles for many things,like we can use it for social networking,calls,SMS,emails,Games and many more.


The World market for mobiles is full of competitors, Among all there are some of the best companies like Samsung,iphone,LG,htc,sony and many more.The apple just released there new iphone 6 which was a huge improvement compared to there previous models.Apple was mainly cristised of being making over-priced mobiles and smaller screens but in the new iphone 6,they have changed it completely. Following the release of the new Samsung galaxy s6,which caused many problems to there fellow competitors like iphone,LG,htc and sony,they did make dramatic changes to there new s6 following the aluminum body instead of plastic and some more exciting features like finger print sensor,heart rate sensor and many more.LG is a well-known company when it comes to smartphones.


The new LG G4 will be coming soon to the market with some outstanding improvement and new features, following the reports from CNET.They have stated that there are some cool features and improved camera as compare to the previous G3.Apart from camera, the LG g4 have a lighting fast processor rated at 1.8 dual and 1.4 quad core snapdragon 808 chip which is quite fast and responsive as compare to the previous g3,it might not be as fast as the new s6 or iphone 6 but it is quite responsive and can take heavy duty with out any lags. The main features that makes LG G4different from other smartphones out there is the display size and camera. The new 16MP camera shots full HD video,JPEG and raw file formats. Apart from these features LG  g4 offers MicroSD card expansions and removable battery which is a positive feature as compare to s6 and iphone 6 where both of these smartphones lag in these features.

LG g4
Despite all its pros, however, the handset feels like a slightly tweaked, but ultimately repackaged LG G4. Sure, there’s a new Leather back option and there’s nothing wrong with the G3 per se (especially when you retain everything we liked about it, like the laser-guided focus and better-than-full-HD resolution). But when your newest offering doesn’t progress far enough beyond your previous endeavor, it’s hard to get excited about it.

With its lack of cutting-edge hardware and innovative software, LG played it safe with the G4. And in this fast-paced mobile industry, tame won’t work in the company’s favor; especially now that Samsung redesigned its New galaxy S6 with a sleeker and thinner look, and launched the envelope-pushing S6 edge counterpart. All in all, while the G4 is a solid device, it isn’t compelling as the s6 or iPhone 6.

The new LG  g4 will be available to the public in May-June, as it is already available in Korea. Despite all the features that this smartphone contains, it might be enough for some users out there but Might not be enough for those users who looking for a much thinner designed and faster smartphone.


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