The new Samsung sensations

The new Samsung sensations

When we talk about Samsung it does have something to say. This company inspires us all with the introducing the range of spectacular mobiles. The new sensations for Samsung are Samsung note 5 and S6 edge plus.

Samsung due to its consistent update in models has somehow gained a mark on mobile markets all over the globe. The amazing company plans to achieve big and so they shock people with great inventions done by their respected engineers. Well moving lets discuss how they are different from the others.

Specifying the both:

These both phones have been made by Korean company and note 5 have the original pen detector along as well. On the other hand S6 has curved body which gives view to viewers and adds to edition of curved mobiles. Basically it widens your view to adjust you manual view. Note 5 as compared to note 4 are slightly thinner in shape. The amazing addition of feature here is that you can easily jot down the points on note 5 either its screen is on or off. Well the S6 has the curved screen because you can easily see the applications running for the side and you can swipe them too. These amazing Samsung phones support wireless charging and they have big screens to have an adjustable view. These two sensations will somehow give a tough fight to Apple iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus because they also have wider screen but they lack some features and extraordinary ones which these two mobiles have. Note five will have black, white, gold and silver colors for styles. It is around 7.6 mm thick and weight up to 171 grams. It has bigger screen than S6 edge siblings. The typical fingerprint scanner is also in the front screen. Speaking of which, the Galaxy Note 5 features a 5.7in 2440×1560 QHD Super AMOLED display at its forefront, the same size as the screen on last year’s model. Under the hood you’ll find Samsung’s own own 64-bit octa-core Exynos 7420 processor based on a 14nm architecture and 4GB RAM. This will have either 32 GB or 64 GM space for storage. Note 5 also have live streaming over videos to YouTube directly. It has 16 mega pixels back camera with 5 mega pixels front, ending it off the specs is a non-removable 3,000mAh battery that can be charged to 100 percent in 90 minutes and it supports for wireless charging, Cat 6 LTE, and Bluetooth 4.2 LE connectivity

Moving on to S6 edge plus it has a large 5.7 inch touch screen. It has dual visual which enables you to customize your screen settings. It runs 5.1 lollipop android versions. It also has live coverage features for online streaming. It also has four colors and they are highly reflective and shinny. Giving it more royal look and makes it attractive. Well it is very easy to grab and yes it has a size to grasp on. Not big not too small, just a size that shapes in your pocket easily. These two mobiles will certainly make an impact on mobile market appealing customers to buy them as soon as possible.


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