These 2 Home Appliances Could Change Your Life

There is nothing to surprise if tomorrow we come to know that a robotic home servant has been developed by the advance technology that will wake you up in the morning and serve a cup of hot and fresh bed tea tenderly.

The work on developing the efficiency and sustainability in home appliances has already succeeded to produce the home products with extra energy efficiency, impressive designs today. These home appliances can definitely do something more than expanding your skills in kitchen.

In near future, the companies like LG will be announcing about the development of new breed of the internet-connected home machines. And no doubt if very soon like smart phones, televisions and tablets, we will be operating the inter-net connected washers, refrigerators, ovens, vacuum cleaners and dryers etc. Moreover away from home an individual will be able to check the atmospheric condition of the fridge, the oven can be preheated before the lunch or dinner. The living room could also be remotely vacuumed before the arrival of any guest. Off course it will still take some time to come up in the market. But do you know that even today plenty of wonderful devices have already come in the market, today we will discuss about them.

We are giving hereunder two innovative products or you may call home appliances which are already available off course they are not of high-tech but quite eco-friendly and also multi-functional. No doubt that these innovative products will a different world at home.

Portable Washers and Dryers

So far you must heard about the portable refrigerators, but have you ever thought about the bulky conventional washers and the dryers which are portable.

Smart Dishwashers

The pricing of the dishwashers are not very high but it also depends on brand to brand and design to design.

The tiers of this machine are LED illuminated and adjustable. There are some models which can also be connected to Wi-Fi. The latest models of washers are 35% more efficient as compared with the older ones. There is multiple setting of the cleaning process which can save water and also energy.

The built of the dish cleaning machine is very efficient in the sense that it takes many factors in account during one cycle. For example the system can monitor the water’s mineral content, also the temperature of water, the cycle intensity, and also the flow of the air throughout the work process. The technology of drying the dishes is also available in some new models which are also adjustable as per the room temperature.

An LCD Fridge with Apps

Last year Samsung has debuted its smart fridge, which is designed with eight –inch LCD and also apps. Through which the users will be able to access, the memos, calendars, temperature, Twitter, and photos etc. right on the door of the fridge .It could be quite ft as inter-connect fridge as your kitchen appliance. There will also be an alarm to alert you if you keep the door opened. There is something of very importance that LCD lighting will emit less than any traditional lighting, which is a biggest plus point with this.

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