Refrigerators were one of the most popular, widely and commonly used appliances in the world. An estimated 3 billion people have refrigerators in their homes. Refrigerators have been used every where since from a long time. The refrigerators were used mainly to store food & also to prevent it from getting spoil from micro organisms and bacteria. The first refrigerators were invented were basically ice-houses & they are built close to the ice sources like glaciers & frozen lakes. These ice houses preserve and keep the food intact for many months.

Modern type of refrigerators came into existence from 19th century by using the phase change heat pumps which were operated in a refrigeration cycle. The refrigerators usually consist of a freezing compartment & cooling compartment. There were different kinds of refrigerators which are available in the market now such as side-by-side door refrigerator, single-door refrigerator, double-door refrigerator etc.

A refrigerator was one of the easily available electronic appliances which are available widely in the market. This was also considered as one of the most important and useful appliances also. Nowadays there are various technologies & new features additions were coming in the creation of refrigerators. In India, there are various refrigerators which are available in the market, but in this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 best refrigerators under the budget of INR 15,000. These top 5 refrigerators will able to help in selecting and choosing the best one.

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LG GL- B205KGSL 190 L

LG was one of the finest brand and one of the best refrigerators available in the market these days. There are two shelves & one top freezer in the fridge, this makes the refrigerator very spacious. This 190 Liters Single door refrigerator was also known as a high-performance refrigerator. It was powered by the Direct Cooling & also having 4 Power Star Rating. The product was priced at the range of INR 13,277.

Key features

  • Direct-cool single-door refrigerator
  • Capacity of 190 liters
  • 5 star Energy Rating
  • This is having a special lattice-type box cover which will maintain the moisture at an optimum level
  • Without putting extra load on the compressor, LG GL model was direct cool refrigerators make ice 20 percent faster with a specially designed patented ice tray.


Whirlpool 200 genius was another best refrigerator which is recently trending in the market, which is having wide ranges of variety & options with great features. The Genius CLS Plus 3S was 185 liters and a single door refrigerator. The direct cooling of this refrigerator makes it as one of the best refrigerators in the market. It is having 2 shelves & one top freezer along with 3 Power Star rating for even more best efficiency. The budget of this refrigerator was around INR 11,290.

Key features

  • Installation was not required in this brand or model because for this product it will be one the plug & you can use this product.
  • Direct-cool single door refrigerator
  • Capacity of 185 liters
  • 1 Year Comprehensive warranty on this refrigerator
  • 5 Years warranty on the Compressor
  • 2X faster bottle chilling
  • Makes ice super quick
  • Toughened glass shelves with large crisper


Samsung was the best refrigerator manufacturers & was known as best because of its efficiency & performance. This model was 192 Liters Single Door Refrigerators which was powered by Direct Cooling technology. This Samsung model comes with 2 shelves & 1 freezer with lots of spaces inside. This highly efficient product was priced at rupees INR 13,245. The refrigerator is having 4 Power Star rating for better power efficiency.

Key features

  • Direct-cool single-door refrigerator
  • Capacity of 192 liters
  • 5 star Energy Rating
  • One year warranty on this product
  • 5 years warranty on compressor
  • This product contains chill compartment, the freezer of 18 L.
  • Hidden hinge with clean back & stylish crown design
  • Gasket type was an anti fungal door
  • Big bottle guard, small door guard, chilled room, stylish crown design
  • Sustains wide range of the voltage fluctuations


This was one of the perfect models with 195 liters capacity. So you can able to store a lot of items and things in the refrigerator like fruits, vegetables to other edibles products which can be consumable. This was a single door refrigerator and is a 5-star product. It has got a good rating of 4.5/5 and great reviews from users. It also had an inbuilt stabilizer and you will get a warranty of 5 years on compressor & one year on the product. The budget of this product was around Rs 14000.

Key features

  • Direct-cool single-door refrigerator
  • Capacity of 195 liters
  • 4 star Energy Rating
  • One year warranty on comprehensive
  • 9 years warranty on the compressor
  • Installation was not provided for this product because it is plug based & you can use this product
  • Single door refrigerators with space saving & economic good
  • Innovative 1-hour icing technology which brings down the freezer temperature to -5 degree Celsius within 60minutes
  • Cool pad which retains cooling in the refrigerator up to 10 hours even after the power cut
  • Stabilizer free operation with the range of 135-290 volts and protects the compressor from the power fluctuations.


This was one of the best 5-star brands of the refrigerator with considerably less price. This Panasonic direct cool model was a good working refrigerator with less noise while working. The cooling effect will be very fast & it comes with an ice cube maker plates & a cool pack. This comes with a single door with an external color of silver color. It is having an inbuilt stabilizer and the rating of this product was 4.2/5. You will also get a 1-year warranty on this Refrigerator & 4 years on the Compressor. So the price of this product was Rupees INR 14490.

Key features

  • Direct-cool single-door refrigerator;
  • Capacity of 190 liters
  • Energy Rating was 3 Star
  • Bigger bottle storage space will help you to keep approximately 6 2L bottles both vertically & horizontally even after closing the door
  • Bigger Vegetable Basket which is of 2.5 times bigger, so that you can able to store high quantity and bigger vegetables and fruits with thicker insulation the door prevents air leakage


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