All fashion enthusiasts will agree with me when I say that the fun of shopping is admiring racks and racks of clothes and testing each one of them to see which one fits you well. It is definitely hard to beat this fact and shopping from your phone falls short, however with the right apps it can still be fun. Expressing yourself through fashion is an art and one inherently suited for both socially integrated apps as well as fashion games that let you play stylist. If you are in need of fashion CliffsNotes before next season, the following apps will of great help to you. Or if your iPhone is primarily a tool for Instagramming your latest look, I think you should also have a look at this list of top 8 fashion apps for iPhone specially for  fashion enthusiasts.


This is an app created by ASAP54 earlier this year that enables you to search anything related to fashion from shoes to clothes. Its added advantage is that it provides photos of that particular item you are looking for. Most of the search apps around don’t provide photos of items they only give descriptions. If you find taking photos of strangers’ in public awkward don’t worry because with ASAP54 you will find photos online. So hurry and get this app and you’ll not have to struggle to Google those shoes or clothes you saw by color or texture anymore.


The worst thing to happen to a person who appreciates fashion is when he brings home a fashion and immediately realizes that the fit is not quite right or the piece doesn’t belong with the rest of the wardrobe. But with Poshmark you can minimize this bad feeling as it makes it possible for you to resell that piece. Poshmark is a resale app specifically for fashion and you can add several pictures with each item along with a brief description of color, brand, size and more. This app also allows other users to comment on or repost your items which can help you make a sale. As you can see this app allows you to have fun with styling your own items. Another thing to note is that Poshmark takes a 20% commission on sales.


This app encourages the buying and selling of premium items by guaranteeing authenticity. This is really cool and is a far cry of early days of rip-offs on other apps like eBay. Tradesy only takes 9% of the sale price (cheaper than Poshmark) and provides a shipping bag.

Bib + Tuck

It works almost as similar as Poshmark in that it you can buy or sell fashion on Bib + Tuck but the platform only accepts select brands. This app also uses its own virtual currency which you can purchase; when you sell items you can only exchange your Bib Bucks for more items on the site. With Bib + Tuck the items for sale on the site are guaranteed to be of high quality or at least from premium brands. So hurry and grab this app.


Whisp is a messaging app that solely concentrates on fashion. This app’s beautiful interface looks like a print design more of a magazine; but unlike flipping through a magazine you can drag and drop products you like into the messaging box to get your friends’ opinions. Whisp also integrates with Facebook and the good thing about this is that your friends can traverse with you on Whisp without downloading the app themselves. With this app you can easily keep in touch with all of your fashion enthusiasts’ friends and chat about fashion all you want.


Covet is more suitable for fashion lovers who have more time than money to spend. It may involve a few steps for first time users but don’t worry I will talk you through it. When you first sign up the app asks you to vote between a few sets of styles. This process will earn you tickets while you earn cash by entering contests. You can use the in-app cash to purchase fashion like items like shoes, dresses and more. To conclude, once you have built your closet you can begin styling looks for various contests in the app.


Pose is a weather app and as such it will help you decide what to wear on a particular day or night. Pose first checks your location and determines your local weather forecast. It later provides photos and collections to inspire your outfit for the day. You can further narrow down the selection by telling Pose that for example you are going to the office. This is a must have app for all iPhone users as it will help you maintain your cool fashion touch with changes in weather conditions.

The Hunt

This app likes to call itself “the cure for outfit envy”. It is more like ASAP54 but while ASAP54 promises to find items that are similar in color or texture to the original item, users on The Hunt are often looking for an exact match. The structure of the app is totally built around user interactions and as such creates a supportive and friendly community. The app enables users to post images of a product they want while other users help find it on sale. It is also possible for you to follow an item if someone else posts something that excites you. I know any fashion enthusiast can attest that the only thing more fun than buying fashion is actually talking about it and with this app this and more is guaranteed, so hurry and get this app and start enjoying fashion in a whole new level.

As you have seen there are many apps that you can use on your iPhone and still enjoy fashion as much as you would have if you had gone to a fashion mall. With these apps you don’t have to waste your time in long queues all you need is your iPhone and to choose  among the list of top 8 fashion apps for iPhone,the one that suits you best.


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