Top Browsers for Android

Android OS by Google has completely dominated the mobile OS platform. Android has some excellent features which makes it so popular. Firstly, open source environment to work on. Second, Google’s support and third, platform and the most important, availability of n-number of applications.

In android, you can get an app for virtually anything you can think of. These apps range from Media Player to Themes. One of the major category is Browser. Browser is an application with which you can open a vast amount of web apps and websites. Play Store has a large a large variety of internet browsers which will help to cater your needs.

Following are the top browsers available on Google Play Store:

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is renowned for its light weight and speedy browsing which is available both on PC as well as on Mobile. Like PC, Google Chrome features a very fast browsing. Chrome is integrated with Google Search in the address bar itself.

Chrome is the only unique browser in Android in which we can open any number of tabs with an easy tab to tab navigation using finger gestures. Chrome features easy sync of history, favorites, bookmarks, etc.  In addition to HTML5, Chrome supports lot of other scripting languages like WebGL and Websockets resulting into a very immersive browsing experience.

Morzilla Firefox

Everybody knows the web browser giant, Morzilla Firefox. This browser entered the Android ecosystem long ago. Morzilla gives you a blazing fast internet browsing experience even on slow and old devices. The web engine embedded with the browser enables it to run even latest HTML5 scripts.

Firefox has a unique standard feature set including multi-tab, syncing with the desktop, private browsing modes, etc. Another interesting feature on Morzilla is the add-ons. Firefox has a large variety of add-ons including AdBlock, NoScript, etc.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is one of the oldest web browsers in the mobile phones sector. Opera Mini was popular even before the first version of Android was launched. Opera Mini was available for vast ranges of operating systems like Symbian, iOS, Blackberry, Java based phones, etc. Opera Mini is considered as the world’s fastest Android Browser. The relative downside of this browser is that it has a very bad rendering quality with HTML5 and other dynamic web pages especially Flash based web pages.

Overall, Opera Mini has a an extensive feature set which includes social network integration, multi-tab support, history, bookmarks, page suggestions, search suggestions, etc.

UC Browser

UC Browser is a mobile browser developed by Chinese mobile internet company widely known as UCWeb. UC Browser is available for different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, Java ME and Blackberry.

The features which makes it a good browser is that UC Browser uses cloud acceleration and data compression technology. The browser adapts to the network bandwidth and easily supports a variety of file format downloading.

The best thing about this browser is the Download Management, which allows multiple simultaneous downloads. The download process continues even after the app closes down. Moreover, if the download is interrupted by any network or some other issues, the download automatically resumes once everything is fine.


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