Top free IPA download site for installing free apps on iPhone, ipads and iPods

Most of the apps associated with IOS mostly require you to pay for different apps which you may choose to pay. This is unlike android devices which have hundreds of site providing free downloading options for apps.Mostly, for the IOS devices when you Google for free IPA download, you will be met with a no result page will appear. Though this is the case there are a number of sites which are providing these apps for free. All you will need is to have iTunes installed in your phone and you are good to go. Some of these sites are so efficient such that all you will be required to do is just click on the download sign –no survey or any associated procedure. Though this is the case, you will first of all have to jailbreak your device. This is to enable cracked apps to work on your device. You will also need cydia for any cracked app to function properly on your idevice.

The following list includes some of the top free IPA download site for installing free appa on iPhone,ipads and iPods.

  1. PandaApp IPA Site


This is a very popular site for downloading a variety of apps and games. All the games and apps are totally free.PandaApp iPhone download center is where all the apps and games are stored in


  1. Vshare IPA Site


This site is very popular due to hosting of the famous installous alternative which was named vshare. The site has its owner installer which is used to install vshare on your phone. It has a download section specifically for iPhones, iPods and ipads. These apps and games are totally free and easy to download. They have categorized the apple section into:app section, games section and newsstand section.


  1. Mob IPA Site

This is a great site for downloading cracked IPA,application and games for IOS devices. The best thing about this site is that it has the option of selecting device. After indicating your device model, itlists all applications which are compatible with the given device. This site is full of great stuff.

Site: IPA Site

This is also a great site for downloading free IOS apps and games. The apps are totally free and easy to download. This site is very similar to pandaapp or appcake.


  1. APVV IPA Site

This can be described as a subversion of cShare.It will direct you to vshare when you are trying to download an application from it .It is a great site as all apps are usually also has a very simple UI. All you will need to do is to click all the app you want to download and it takes you to the vshare page so that you complete your downloading.


These are some of the sites which will allow you to download apps and games for your idevices on a free basis.

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