Top ten multinational companies in India

What is a multinational company?

Multinational Companies are giant companies having their origin in one country with their operations in more than one country.

Indian economy is changing effectively and it is increasing with time. There has been investment going on for years. There is massive improvement over the years in Indian economy. Many multinational companies have recently started investing in India. Indian market has some real potential buyers and there is a huge market for suppliers that are recently entering in India.

Multinational companies in India:



Microsoft Corporation was made in 1975. It is an American multinational company came to India in 1990 in Hyderabad and they started working for government and it helped improving information technology. It is one of the companies who have most of suppliers for windows plus personal computers or laptops in India. It is still developing over time in the IT sector making India as real hub for development in communication department as well.



Well this company is ranked as 2nd giant in Indian market. It is associated as IBM India in Indian market. It was made in 1911 by Thomas J. Watson and Charles Ranlett Flint. It came to India in 1992. Its products and services in India include IT services, business consulting, application management, servers and storage solutions. Its headquarters are located in Hyderabad.



Nestle India is a Switzerland based company for food and beverages. Nestle has been in India since 1912. It is selling imported food items in all over India. Some other products are Nescafe, maggi, nestle kitkat and many others food items.

Procter and Gamble:

procter and gamble

It is one of the companies that are world renowned. It operates as Consumer Goods Company. It was officially established in 1837 by William Procter and James Gamble. It started working in India in 1964. It presently serves customers with products like Gillette, Vicks, Olay, Pantene, Ariel, Tide, etc. it has more than 10 Plants operating in India and it serves for 600 million customers.


coca cola

It is also one of the leading companies in India. This multinational company is also an American based brand that was founded in 1886 by Asa Griggs Candler. It started working in India as Coca Cola Indian private limited. It is one of the leading beverage companies in India and makes other beverages like sprite, Coca-Cola, thums up, Fanta, Maza etc.



It is also one of the American brands which manufacture food snacks, beverages and other food items. It was established in 1965 as PepsiCo and Frito lay. It works in regions of America like the north and south plus in Asia as well. In India it operates as Pepsico India Holding Private Limited, which manufactures popular brands like Kurkure, Lay’s, Cheetos, Lehar Namkeen, Uncle Chipps, 7Up, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Slice, etc.

CITI group:

citi group

It comes under the heading of American company as well. This multinational company came to India in 1902 with the emergence of City Corporation and travelers group in 1998. It works all around the globe operating in more than 150 countries. In India it has 40 branches within thirty main cities of India.

SONY Corporation:


This multinational company is related to Japanese company. It came into existence in 1964 and it operates by selling electronics, music and entertainment. It came to India In 1994 and manufactures televisions, mobile phones, cameras, playstations, headphones, memory card, etc.

Hewlett Packard:


Also known as “hp” is an American multinational company. That works for electronics or information technology. It was started in 1939; it manufactures laptops, desktops, tablets, monitors etc. its head quarters are situated in Palo Alto California.

Apple incorporation:


Apple Corporation was established in 1976 and it comes at tenth position in India. It makes laptops, computers, mobiles and different pads. It gives online services and it also makes some software. It is turning out to get more and more attention per time with its devices that are unique and different.


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