Top ten stock prices in India

Stock prices in India means the real value which companies have, these particular prices help dealers as well as the consumers to explain their buying and purchasing behaviors. Stock prices in India have gained the boost over years and somehow it is new to the new venture of development. List down shows those companies with highest stocks.



Indian this Tire manufacturing company has been involved in business for decades showing efficiency. As per last result in 2014 the stock price for this company was 18700 rupees per share and after one whole year this stock price stands for 44310 rupees per share.



It is German based engineering and Electronics Company which come at second spot in Indian market. As compare to last year which was 8857 rupees per share which arose to 25000 rupees per share.



EICHER is an Indian auto industry which makes or manufactures the vehicles in India; it has affiliations with Indian Premium Motorcycle brand royal Enfield and later it owned it. The price of stock for this particular company was 20289 rupees per share.


TIDE water oil

Tide is one of the companies with biggest lubricant supply all over India. It has third most expensive stock in India, comparing to the last year its stock price rose to 11000 rupees per share and currently it is standing on 18000 rupees per share.



Page industries in India also known as Jockey India has the license to sell Jockey underwear plus SPEEDO in India and SRILANKA. Its stock price recently touched 14680 rupees per share.

SHREE Cements:

shree cements

It is one of the biggest suppliers of cement in India. It is somehow associated with BANGUR cement. It also produces and sells power by the name of Shree Power. It had share price of 4234 rupees per share with present of 11305 rupees per share.

3M India:


3M is an American multinational conglomerate corporation. Its Indian unit 3M is listed for NSE and BSE plus it stick price has also increased as compared to last year. Which was 3700 and now it is 10500 rupees per share.



Honeywell automation India limited is a building automation solutions provider. It is also listed in NSE and BSE. It is among the companies who have achieved more in less time. Share price for this company was 2500 rupees in 2014 which then became 9023 rupees per share.


Formerly this company was in dairy products but then they converted to leather Extraction Company. The share price did increase with time for this company as for now it shows 6935 rupees per share.



This company is a Swiss one which is multinational food and Beverage Company. It is one of the largest food industries in the world. The stock prices for this company also increased with time and it is currently at 6380 rupees per share.

As we saw the stock prices in India had increased for these giants in India, it is not surprising because in fact Indian economic policies have been productive over years. As the going process it is to be seen in future that stock prices in India will increase with time.


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