Use of appbrain to install and manage android apps

Appbrain is an application used by android phones to help in the searching, installing, sharing and managing your apps.Appbrain helps you to manage your apps in an effective manner. Some of the main uses of appbrain include: searching,sorting and installing apps on your browser, ability to click on a link and install an app ,batch your installs,updates and uninstalls,provides a platform for other goodies.e.g. public app list sharing ,remote wallpaper setting storage among others.


Installing apps on your android phone has become an easier undertaking when using Appbrain. Let us have a look how to use appbrain to install and manage android apps.Basically what you need to do is search and select the apps you are interested in.Imagine how difficult it is to search out the 100,000 android apps. Appbrain has the ability to show app listing in terms of ‘hot’ app, new and most downloads on apps.Appbrain provides you with a platform through which you can quickly search for a particular app. Usually it has a filter which will eliminate spam apps, usually the apps which duplicates function. When you click on an app which you are interested, you get helpful details concerning the app.This includes: a link to developer’s official page, some of the permissions that the app will ask for among other useful information

If you have installed appbrain,you will just have to hit on the install button which is usually on the upper-left corner. The app will beam in near-instant fashion and installs the will not even have to press a button for it to start installing.Basically this app has made installing of apps very easy.


Not only is this app used to install apps,but it also used to manage your apps. You will have to have an account with appbrain from where you will manage all your apps. Not only will you be in a position to manage your installed apps but you will also have the ability to maintain other list. This can either be for tracking or you want to use the apps later. This app provides you with the ability to get to app-cleaning purge where you can check off lots of apps and uninstall them simultaneously. Thought they won’t be uninstalled right away but when you launch appbrain on your phone and sync it, you can uninstall the apps in semi-automated, one after the other.

When you sign in into appbrain, you will notice a link on the right side of my apps section. This is a section for setting and browsing through different wallpapers. There is a set button by which you can use to upload or point a link for given wallpaper. Lots of these wall papers will be android focused and fairly nerdy, occasionally you will find stylish gem to.

All you need to do to use the app is sign in to Appbrain, create an account, install the app and start using the app.After all these you can make use of appbrain to install and manage android apps on your mobile.


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