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Somehow there is a chance to have some jailbreak Iphone and if you have a jailbreak phone then you need to know about the Vshare download.


What is Vshare?

An amazing application market known as APVV recently it has excellent applications over its market, this can help you download your favorite games and applications you want to enjoy. Well Vshare application is free and it is always updated. It has best quality games for those mobiles which have cydia on it as in it helps the jail break mobiles have any application they want to use. This amazing Vshare application has some features as well. This V share helps you have one window system in a sense it provides simplicity for the viewers enabling them to avoid those captcha codes which used to make a lot of lags. This excellent application will never make that problem arise for you and you will have great downloading experience.


How to Download Vshare?

There are some important things you need to have before downloading Vshare. You must have a jailbreak iphone. You can use “TAIG” to jailbreak you iDevice. Your jailbreak must have cydia installed with Appsync as well. If you don’t have Appsync then you won’t be able to install Vshare. Then you net a network and according to the site just hit hthe link below to download the Vshare for you jailbreak phone.

How to install Vshare?

email for cydia

Once you have the cydia installed and then from cydia you have downloaded Appsync then you are all ready for installing the Vshare. Appsync should be downloaded from an authentic source to prevent any damage to you Iphone or Ipad. The Appsync should be downloaded from a trustworthy link or a link which associates to a website with a good reputation. First of all open the cydia app market and then click on manage, then go for source and click edit. After clicking edit push the add button. Now for the option of add you have to put in a link that link which is authentic and have some repute. You can add http://repo.appvv.com and then help yourself download the Appsync first.  Then after adding that link from a well known site you can then see applications from their data base. Then search for Appsync and then click on the Appsync bar. It will then start downloading and you will get an Appsync on your mobile. After doing this then search for Vshare app on cydia and then download the Vshare application which will then automatically install on you mobile. It will be an access to have multiple applications on you mobile. There is no suspect to use a jail break phone and it is quite easy to have access over all of the applications.


If you have a jailbreak phone then you don’t have to worry you always have cydia installed and then you have APVV markets installed which can help you have applications and latest games you want. Moreover it is free. You can have access like every other iPhone user.








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