What does clearing dalvik cache do?

What are cache files exactly?

These are known as extra files or extension files which come to your mobile by browsing or by simply downloading any application. It can come through any website. These files can be easily removed from your system if wanted and certainly removing this kind of files boost up your extension.

What is dalvik cache?

Dalvik itself is the program and files or extension associated with them is known as dalvik cache. Dalvik is java based program or virtual machine that is the base for running of your computer programs. There symbol or recognition is “.apk extension”. This machine forms in Google android versions. So we can relate it to integral part of android. Which is related to mobiles, note books or tablets? Before entering any android application this application is converted into dalvik format know as dalvik compact file or (.dex) format. Well this is designed for systems that are made or constrained in terms of memory and processor speed. Like the rest of android this is also open source software. These files usually optimize the process

What does clearing dalvik cache do?

Well it is known that cache files are used so that temporary files should be readable or executable. Many files run through cache files. These cache files are related to kernel which if changed then cache files should have to remove manually for settling as per new kernel. We can do it by reinstalling ROM into a cleaner and virus free environment. If you clear these files then you are clearing your desk work like clearing or garb aging papers that are unwanted or throwing used papers or left off sharpeners and rubbers. This will certainly boost up your system and specially specifying it will remove the extra files and workload from your android system which can help you create space for internal storage and hence your device performance increases.

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