What is AppSync and Why Do I Need AppSync

If you are wondering what Appsync is, what it does and why do you need Appsync? Let us have some more information to clear these doubts and understand more about AppSync. As we all know that to install any cracked apps or a free version on an iphone, you need to jailbreak and then install those 3rd party cracked version appstores. These app stores get you free apps which are paid ones on Apple Official Appstore. But the majority of users, once installing aren’t able to use those free games and apps.


Either those apps don’t get installed on iPhone via the jailbreak free appstores like zeusmos, appcake, vshare or after the installing, you get some dark icon and after clicking on the app icon, it doesn’t do anything. Now, here comes the use of Apps, so let us discuss about the three important questions about appsync.

  1. What is App Sync?

Appsync acts like a Root Software for your iPhone iOS, which gives the cydia user of free cracked applications access to install as well as sign them avoiding apple. So, you can use the apps or games on your cydia iphone without any hassle. Are you totally confused? Remember appsync acts as a superhero in removing the barriers and allows your cracked apps, jailbreak and all the games run in your ios. Actually, apple is quite strict and blocks the apps that haven’t been signed officially. So, if the apps aren’t available in apple appstore it will not run in your iphone. However gladly by using app sync now you can access third party apps and games effortlessly. So I hope now you what AppSync is exactly?

  1. What AppSync Does?

As we all know that Appsync helps in installing cracked applications and games for your iphone ios. As a result anything that isn’t from apple gets successfully installed on iOS. You must have heard about android rooting, which helps the user the core permission to specific apps. Same goes for appsync, it allows access to any cracked downloadable or installation without any difficulty.

  1. Why Do I Need AppSync?


Now that you know what appsync is, you must also know why you need it. Knowing about the important features will help you make most out of the exceptional appsync. Imagining jailbreak without App Sync is impossible. Many of you must be thinking if you do not install appstore, you can still run cydia as well as cydia tweaks easily. However apart Cydia tweaks other things will not get install and run which are from 3rd party cracked app store like AppCake, Zeusmos, Installous and Vshare after downloading an app iPA. While installation you will have an error that it can’t install iPA and then it will fail. So this can be recovered with the help of AppSync. So in order to enjoy fruits of Cydia and jailbreak you will need an appsync. I hope that now you have a clear picture about appsync and its importance for the users of idevices.

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