How to leave WhatsApp status Empty

The concept of status was introduced initially by Skype which used to indicate our availability. Later Facebook also used it as a very strong media to post what is on our mind. After the popularity of Whatsapp, it became a technical word which comes with the synonym of some quotes. Initially, WhatsApp default status was basically used for showing our availability or work. But it allows to edit the status with 140 characters.

Since WhatsApp is used by most of the people and it provides privacy too in case of Profile Photo, Status and Last Seen by three privacy privileges Everyone, Nobody, or My Contacts. You can easily switch any one of these setting. With WhatsApp there comes some amazing tricks too like using WhatsApp without number, hiding status, last seen or profile picture, get voice notification and lot more.
In Whatsapp, people set a variety of status like Busy, Crazy, etc. But in this article, the methods by which we can set an Empty status. Discussed below are the ways to set the Whatsapp status blank.

  1. Make the Status Invisible

WhatsApp allows users to changing the visibility of status, profile picture and last seen. You can change the visibility to everyone, your contacts, and nobody. If you select everyone, then all can see your status. If you select ‘my contacts’ then people whose number saved on your phone book can read your status. If you select ‘nobody’, then none can’t see your status. If they check your status, then that will be empty or blank
WhatsApp => Setting => Account => Privacy => Status => Nobody

  1. Using empty Character

The first method is enough to set blank or empty status without any effort. But it is just hiding status. if it is compulsory to show an empty status, then you can try this method. Here we type an empty character. I don’t know that how to type empty character in mobile. Which seems like a space but actually not a space. WhatsApp does not support only space as a status. If you type space only, then WhatsApp will say like this ‘status can’t be empty’. But if you choose this empty character, then no problem will not be detected and your status should be seem empty. As I mentioned above, I think we can’t type this character on mobile phone. So we should use our computer to type this character. Open a text editor like Microsoft Word, then press ‘Alt’ key and type 255 without leaving alt key. Then that should be an empty character like space, but not space. Save it. Copy this file into your phone and open it. Jus long press on character and copy to your clipboard. Then paste on WhatsApp status area. Save it.

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